Rise of Keepers at BGS 2015

We are happy to announce that we will participate as exhibitors in the Brazil Game Show 2015 that will take place on October from 08th to 12th.

BGS Photo

During the show gaming stations will be available on our stand running Rise of Keepers that will be released on Steam Early Access in late September.

If you cant wait to test the game don’t miss this opportunity. We would be very pleased to meet you there personally and receive feedback from players.

See you there!

DevBlog – 08 – Inventory and item handling

As the Rise of Keepers gameplay requires constant interaction and handling of many items, we had a special care when setting up the inventory operation and the interaction with items in and out of inventory. We seek to create a simple and intuitive commands and actions so that the player does not waste time with complex actions in inventory and can stay focused to other important goals in the match.

Chests and inventory system

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DevBlog – 05 – RTS – The natural resources and their functions inside the game

Natural Resources - Screenshot

Like on RTS games on Rise of Keepers the extraction and use of the existing resources avaliable in the map in a intelligently and optimally way is one of the key skills to win.

Rise of Keepers basically has three basic resources that are: wood, stone and meat. So to you already begin understanding how the the manage of natural resources in Rise of Keepers work we will detail below how to extract and use each of these resources.

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Devblog – 03 – Defense towers construction system

If you already know a bit about the Rise of Keepers gamemode will know that the game has some aspects of Tower Defense. Both in the Singleplayer mode and in Multiplayer it is essential to create a good defense for your base so that the enemies do not destroy it.

We Developed a fairly advanced building tower system for the RoK. Even if the player does not have all the required resources to complete the tower construction it can project construction in one location. This functionality is useful building planning and also to build cooperatively in multiplayer modes when other players can deliver the riquired resources at the contruction project site.

Rise of Keepers - Tower Project

The image above shows a tower contruction project site. The structure that has not been finalized yet is displayed in white color, and until it is completed has no functionality and can not be destroyed.

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